Long-range wireless infrastructure that’s flexible and secure.

Filament builds hardware and software for the Industrial Internet, allowing companies to securely connect and monitor their assets through long-range wireless networks. By encrypting down to the hardware level and leveraging blockchain technology, Filament’s decentralized network stack allows any device to connect, interact and transact value independent of a central authority.  Led by CEO Allison Clift-Jennings, Filament began in 2012 as a team of self-starters tinkering with connecting devices in their own homes. Today, they’re committed to bringing decentralized connectivity to industrial infrastructure around the world.

"Filament creates smart industrial infrastructure that is very valuable in remote environments like airfields, where connectivity is intermittent or unavailable. In addition, by leveraging blockchain, Filament creates a secure foundation for machine-to-machine transactions."

—Ajay Sharma, investment associate, JetBlue Technology Ventures

"JetBlue Technology Ventures was able to see what we were trying to build quickly, and that doesn't always happen. They even helped us see spots where we could use our technology that we hadn't considered. Working with them has been wonderful."

—Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO and co-founder of Filament