Our Partners

As the corporate venture capital arm of JetBlue Airways, a big part of our role is to identify and bring new technologies to the airline that improves operations and the customer experience. We do that through our investments and by running Innovation Sprints with different JetBlue departments to provide them with access to innovative startups they may not otherwise have had. This value and support extends throughout the JetBlue family, including JetBlue Travel Products (formerly known as JetBlue Vacations) and JetSuiteX.

However, we know we can’t go at it alone. Our mission at JetBlue Technology Ventures (JTV) is to improve the future of travel. This requires cooperation from other global like-minded travel providers who are interested in working with emerging technologies and startups to enhance operations within their own companies and the industry at large. In 2018, we launched our International Partnership Program to bring together a range of travel and transportation providers to fuel industry innovation. Together with our partners, we improve efficiencies in shared infrastructure and processes and better the end-to-end travel journey for customers around the world.

What does the partnership entail?
  • Participate in the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem with minimal infrastructure cost
  • Access to vetted and validated startups unlocking the latest technology
  • Curated startup “deal flow” to solve specific technology challenges and roadmap
  • Early access to emerging technologies and support implementing beta tests, proof-of-concepts, and pilot programs
  • Access to JTV facilities and expertise, and member-only senior leadership innovation sessions hosted in Silicon Valley
  • Annual “Best of Silicon Valley” innovation programming at your headquarters to help foster innovative mindset at your company
Who is involved?

We kicked off the program in July 2018 with Air New Zealand – an airline with an impressive history of product innovation and a fresh outlook on the commercial and customer opportunities emerging from technology. In August 2020, our second partner CAE Inc. – a manufacturer of simulation technologies and training services primarily for airlines – came on board.

We’ll soon be announcing other partners down the road. If you’re a forward-thinking travel provider, we’d love to chat further.

How do I learn more?

We’d love to chat. Please reach out to our Managing Director of Operations and Partnerships Amy Burr at amy@jetblueventures.com. In the meantime, you can also browse the press links below for more information and context.

“Air New Zealand has a proud reputation for being able to nimbly seize opportunities and take them to market. We want to redefine the future of air travel and partnering with JetBlue Technology Ventures is an important step in achieving that goal.”

—Christopher Luxon, CEO, Air New Zealand

“We’re excited to have a global ecosystem of partners to help vet and embrace new startups and technologies. Travel providers need to work together to improve the shared customer experience across the world.”

—Stephen Snyder, Managing Director of Operations and Partnerships, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“CAE’s purpose is to make flying safer by leveraging the latest technologies in simulation, learning science, data analytics, and artifical intellgience in our pilot training. Our partnership with JTV allows us to collaborate with innovative startups and seize new opportunities to deliver a better experience to our customers.”

—Simon Azar, Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, Digital Products, and Adjacencies, CAE Inc.