Partnership Program

Changes are coming to the travel industry. Around the globe, entrepreneurs are working on disruptive solutions to fix inefficiencies and address pain points within existing infrastructure. JetBlue Technology Ventures is building a global innovation ecosystem of like-minded industry players that seek out, partner with, and implement these emerging solutions and technologies in their companies and throughout the travel sector. Join the consortium and partner with us to help shape the future of travel.

  • What does the partnership entail?
    • Participate in the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem with minimal infrastructure cost
    • Access vetted and validated startups unlocking the latest technology
    • Curated startup “deal flow” to solve your specific technology challenges and roadmap
    • Early access to emerging technologies for beta test and “first mover” implementations
    • Gain access to JTV facilities and expertise
    • Access to member only senior leadership innovation sessions hosted in Silicon Valley
    • JTV provides annual “Best of Silicon Valley” innovation programming at your headquarters to foster innovative mindset at your company
  • Who is involved?

    Our launch partner is Air New Zealand – an airline with an impressive history of product innovation and likeminded outlook on the commercial and customer experience opportunities emerging from the intersection of technology and travel.

    We’ll be announcing other partners joining the ecosystem over the coming months. If you’re a forward-thinking airline, hotel, transportation provider, or airport, we’d love to chat further.

  • How do I learn more?

    We’d love to chat and tell you more. Please reach out to our Managing Director Amy Burr at You can also read our announcement here for more information.

"Air New Zealand has a proud reputation for nimbly being able to seize opportunities and take these to market. We have been growing a terrific ecosystem of global partners as we seek to redefine the future of air travel. Partnering with JetBlue Technology Ventures is an important step in achieving that goal."

Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand

“The team at JetBlue Technology Ventures is constantly looking at what emerging technology trends are impacting the travel and hospitality industries - now and in the future. We can't go at it alone and we're excited to create a global ecosystem of partners who will be thought leaders with us in vetting and embracing these new technologies. We're looking forward to working with some of the most innovative companies in the world to embrace the disruption happening in travel.”

Amy Burr, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at JetBlue Technology Ventures