Gabrielle Maguire

Operating Principal

“I love thinking about how people interact with the world around them, and how technology can change that. I’m excited to support these changes at JetBlue and partner companies!”

Gabrielle is responsible for advancing innovative thinking and startup solutions throughout JetBlue. She works with our JTV portfolio companies to identify and create new compelling value propositions for JetBlue and our ecosystem partners. Gabrielle joined JTV from JetBlue where she spent time on the airline’s Strategic Sourcing and IT Category Sourcing teams. She studied culture and politics at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and has a Masters of International Business from The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Jetting Personal

Favorite travel memory: “Going backcountry skiing in the springtime in Switzerland, climbing a mountain, arriving at the cabin at the top. Sitting outside, basking in the sun, enjoying rose and tarte, while breathing in fresh mountain air and enjoying the stunning Alps.”

JetBlue destination she’d like to visit next: Guayaquil, Ecuador followed by a trip to the Galapagos – a double World Heritage site.