Matt Miller

Investment Analyst

“I’m extremely passionate about leveraging new and innovative technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and smart contracts to fundamentally alter the entire travel experience and automate many business processes. Technology is at the heart of travel innovation, from ride-sharing and electric scooter companies changing our daily commutes to innovative flying-taxi and electric regional aircraft companies setting the stage for the next generation of air travel. I’m excited to look for the next set of game changers who will make us rethink travel experiences, the sharing economy, and travel related infrastructure.”

Matt Miller is an Investment Analyst at JetBlue Technology Ventures, where he conducts initial screenings of potential investment opportunities, supports due diligence processes, and prepares industry research. Prior to joining JTV, Matt worked in finance and strategy at Oracle, technology investment banking, and business development for Crunchyroll. He also interned at Stanford Medical School, where he was a semifinalist in NPR’s Nationwide Competition “Your Idea to Change the World,” for his haptic and virtual reality research. He received his B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University, where he was the local blockchain expert.

Jetting Personal

Favorite travel memory: “I spent a semester abroad in college in Barcelona and flew there from SFO through Charlotte. The flight to Charlotte was significantly delayed and the airline moved another family taking the same flight to Barcelona and I to the front row because we’d have to run to make the connection. They didn’t speak much English, so I started talking to them through my broken Spanish, and we bonded while sprinting to our connecting flight in Charlotte, with their youngest screaming “Corre, corre” as we tried to keep up with him. Three weeks later, I’m having dinner at their house in a small town outside of Barcelona, which was an experience I cherish and think about to this day.”

JetBlue destination I’d like to visit next: Barbados