If you are a current portfolio company, click here to access our portfolio resources. 

At JetBlue Ventures, we believe in supporting our founders beyond just a financial investment. That’s why we’ve created a platform for our portfolio companies to access support and services in five key areas: community, marketing, business development, financial, and administrative support. By providing these services, we are able to empower our founders to focus on the core aspects of their business to scale their offering.

Community & Network

We have created a community for our portfolio companies to network, connect, ask advice, and find business assistance.

Communications & Marketing

As our portfolios build their brand and voice, we are here to help amplify it.

Operations & Business Development

We assist our portfolio in finding potential clients and designing proof of concepts. We also provide advice in how to interact and connect into the travel industry.


We provide post-investment help in navigating fundraising, planning for the next round, and structuring company financial goals and strategy.


We offer an easy-to-access internal resource portal and a hiring portal. Our portfolio can also utilize JBV’s office space.