Luxury hotels unlocked: instantly book and pay only for the time you need – even in the middle of the day.

A weary tourist looks for a place to relax for just an afternoon. A business traveler, fresh off a red-eye, wishes she could hop in the shower before a meeting. Too often, such people have nowhere to go unless they book a one-night stay at a hotel, but Recharge offers a better solution. The company works with luxury hotels to unlock unused inventory and allow guests, through Recharge’s easy-to-use app, to instantly book rooms by the minute. Guests only pay for the time they use, while hotels earn money from rooms that would otherwise stay vacant — no small feat in an industry where, worldwide, more than 30 percent of rooms sit unused every day.  Washington University in St. Louis grads Emmanuel Bamfo, Chris Lo and Will Johnson founded the company in 2016. Today, Recharge is available to users in New York and San Francisco, with more cities on the horizon.

"The team at Recharge has an extraordinary vision of reinventing how hotel real estate is consumed. They're addressing the needs of travelers in an on-demand economy and making their journey less painful and less exhausting."

—Christina Heggie, Investment Principal, JetBlue Technology Ventures

"Working with JetBlue Technology Ventures has brought a depth of knowledge in hospitality that we can really leverage. The shared vision of making the customer’s journey seamless and empowering the traveler has been critical to us, and their hands-on, in-the-details approach is proving super valuable."

—Emmanuel Bamfo, CEO, Recharge