Extraordinary world travel, made extra-easy.
After being frustrated with how inefficient it was to search and compare itineraries for a trip to Peru, Stride co-founder Gavin Delany was inspired to create a platform that allows you to search and compare multi-day and multi-destination packaged trips. Stride features details and user reviews on over 700 tour operators and showcases more than 30,000 expert-planned and highly complex trips in 130 countries. Each trip includes a complete itinerary, full transportation, and lodging – ultimately replacing hours of tedious research. Stride is a one-stop-shop for travelers to find customized recommendations, based on a brief survey of preferences, and book their perfect trip.

“Stride’s detailed understanding of travelers’ needs and commitment to improving the customer experience were driving forces in our decision to invest. We know consumers want to have amazing travel experiences made as seamless and easy as possible for them, and we love that Stride offers a scope beyond that of single travel agents.”

Amy Burr

Amy Burr, Managing Director of Operations and Partnerships at JetBlue Technology Ventures


Stride raises $2.5M from JetBlue, NFX for its guided trips marketplace
Guided Tour Startup Stride Notches $2.5M In Funding By JetBlue, NFX