Advanced baggage management.
Baggage service is a challenging and manual process for most airlines, particularly around mishandled bags. Unicoaero is solving this problem with its powerful end-to-end baggage tracing and delivery platform for airlines and couriers around the world. Unicoaero’s services ensures seamless and transparent operations, and helps travelers enjoy their flight experience to the fullest.

“Unicoaero is tackling a tough part of the travel ribbon and enabling airlines to drive better customer service and service recovery. Looking at the long-term vision for the baggage space, the team is shaping a better future experience.”

Amy Burr

—Raj Singh, Managing Director of Investments, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“Our baggage solution and luggage-free experience aligns well with JetBlue Technology Ventures’ vision for a seamless and improved travel journey. The JTV team has made invaluable introductions for us throughout their network, expediting our customer growth and ability to bring our solution to more travelers. We believe JTV will continue to propel innovative travel startups forward, just as they have done for Unicoaero.”

Amy Burr

—Ziko Atamuloev, CEO and Founder,


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