A 35,000-foot view of travel industry innovation


(It helps that we've been in a cockpit.)

Our investment focus


Technologies to provide a seamless travel experience from the moment a customer thinks about traveling until they return from the journey and say “Wow, that was amazing!” This covers areas beyond the current JetBlue airline experience.



Technologies that make it easier for our crewmembers and business partners to deliver magnificent customer service at every point of the journey.


  Future of
and Operations

Technologies and tools for technical, flight, system and airport operations that enhance safety, reduce maintenance downtime and increase operational efficiency.


   Innovation in
 Revenue and

Innovations in loyalty, ecommerce, distribution, payments and revenue management to enhance revenue, simplify commerce and provide additional options for customers.



Innovations in new modes of transportation, new market places and technologies including electric propulsion, robotics, drones and other disruptions in the regional travel ecosystem for traveling distances under 1,000 miles.


What we do

It’s simple: We incubate, invest in and partner with early stage startups at the intersection of technology and travel. We’ve taken JetBlue’s original mission to bring humanity back to travel and we’re expanding it to an unprecedented scale: we want to improve the end-to-end experience for travelers everywhere, whether they’re flying or not. And we believe that partnering with game-changing new technology companies is a great way to do it.

Why we excel

As you’d expect, we have a deep expertise in aviation, but our team also specializes in hospitality, regional transportation, operations and more. In short, we’re travel geeks. We could spend hours talking your ear off about the latest developments in predictive maintenance, machine learning and electric propulsion…but we also like to focus on helping turn good startups into great ones.

How we help

Of course, we provide funding to promising startups, but we do so much more than that. We give steady guidance, make connections to industry power players, provide proof-of-concept opportunities and, in some cases, incubate startups right here in our own Silicon Valley offices.

What's next

Some of the companies we work with are already changing the world of travel for the better. Others will take a few more years to make their vision a reality, but it’ll be worth the wait. As travel industry veterans and venture capitalists, we know the value of looking beyond the horizon. You just can’t beat the view. So tell us, what can we do to help you?