What is JetBlue Ventures?

We’re the venture capital arm of JetBlue Airways. Our mission is to invest in and partner with early stage technology startups improving the future of travel, transportation, and hospitality. Our team includes venture capital pros and travel industry veterans. You can learn more about our passions here and more about our people here.

How do you determine which startups to support?

We’re interested in companies that align with at least one of our five investment themes. For us, people matter – we like to say it’s more about the who than the what. We’re excited to work with innovative, passionate folks who are brilliant at what they do and who want to make a difference in the world.

When do you invest in a startup?

When we identify a company with the potential to transform the travel industry, we want to come in early enough to support the founders in a meaningful way. We typically invest in early stage startups that are between seed and series B. That said, if your brilliant idea is further along the track, we still want to hear from you.

Do your portfolio companies have to be based in the U.S.?

While we do invest in startups internationally, one of the benefits of working with us is that we try to be hands-on and like to support our portfolio companies by offering guidance, resources, and real-time feedback and connections. That could become slightly more complicated if you’re on the other side of the globe, but for great ideas and great founders, we will travel anywhere.

How many investments have you made, and what’s the average size?

We’ve seen some really incredible companies, and the number keeps on growing. You can check out our portfolio companies here. Think your startup has what it takes? Apply here!

Do you provide portfolio companies anything beyond funding?

Yes! We are proud to be a strategic partner for all of our investments. We offer guidance from our experienced and travel industry-savvy team, including customer introductions and connections both at JetBlue and across the travel industry as well as with other venture capital firms. We also provide communications and marketing counsel as well as mentorship and other business development support. Additionally, as applicable, select companies can be incubated in our Silicon Valley office.

Do you focus solely on technology that could be adopted by JetBlue Airways?

We’re looking for technologies that can disrupt the whole travel industry – not just airlines. When we choose to invest in a startup, we certainly consider whether it would provide strategic value for JetBlue Airways, but we’re also interested in whether the company can enhance travel and hospitality as a whole.

How soon do you expect your portfolio companies to have an impact on the travel industry?

We care more about how companies are going to make an impact, rather than when. As a strategic investor, we don’t require an exit on a set timeline – our main focus is to help support you and your mission. When we invest, we classify companies as belonging to one of three impact horizons – 0 to 18 months, two to five years, and seven to ten years. Most of our investments fall into the first two categories, but we’re certainly open to disruptive “moonshot” technologies that may take up to a decade to come to fruition.

Do you limit who your portfolio companies work with and accept funding from?

We want our portfolio companies to secure funding and build relationships that make sense for them. We actively introduce them to key players throughout the travel industry and are happy to partner with both venture capital firms and fellow corporate venture capital funds. When it comes to our support, the sky is the limit!