Anna Shimoda

Specialist, Communications & Marketing 

“There is so much opportunity for technology to completely change what travel will look like in the future. I’m very excited to be part of a team that can help to bring more innovative ideas into the industry!”

As the Communications & Marketing Specialist, Anna helps support JetBlue Ventures’ (JBV) internal and external communications through social media, newsletters, and blog posts – as well as providing marketing and communications support to JBV’s portfolio companies. Prior to JBV, Anna worked in digital and email marketing. She graduated from the University of Washington, where she received her B.A. in Marketing and Finance.

Jetting Personal

Favorite travel memory: “When I visited Barcelona and spent a day visiting the various the architectural works by Antoni Gaudi. As someone who has interest in architecture/art history and has had visiting the Sagrada Familia on their bucket list, it was an amazing experience!”

JetBlue destination she’d like to visit next: San Juan, Puerto Rico