Managing Director, Investments

“The world of travel is vast and begging for disruptive technologies. I am very excited to join a team making an impact and at the forefront of this movement.”

Ryan Chou is an Investment Principal with JetBlue Ventures (JBV) focused on sourcing a range of technologies from enterprise software platforms to mobility innovations. Prior to JBV, Ryan was a Director at Cryptic Labs and an Investment Manager at Fenox Venture Capital. He participated in the Matter.VC Accelerator program and worked at a few early-stage companies focused on NextGen surveillance technology and machine learning. Ryan received an MBA from Cornell and a B.S. from Arizona State University.

Jetting Personal

Favorite travel memory: “Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef is by far my favorite travel moment. Being it was my first time scuba diving, I was limited by the number of times I could dive, but the experience was phenomenal. I was lucky enough to meet “Crush” and “Nemo” during my time there!”

JetBlue Destination he’d like to visit next: Lima, Peru.