Providing data science as a service.

The travel industry generates massive amounts of search and booking data, with over 600 million trips searched every day. However, most travel organizations lack the resources to use this information to their advantage. Enter 3Victors, which captures and analyzes more than 500 million global travel searches and 90 billion itineraries in real-time to generate actionable insights into consumer demand and pricing. The team provides data science as a service to travel companies and providers across the world to help them optimize engagement and revenue opportunities.

“3Victors’ ability to analyze a global database of travel shopping requests and responses in real-time is an incredible asset for the industry. And even more impressive is that their platform provides these world-class data science capabilities at a fraction of the cost of developing dedicated internal resources. We really look forward to working with the 3Victors team, whose founders are extremely talented technologists and have decades of experience with travel and airfare data.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“Partnering with JetBlue Technology Ventures provides us with a unique opportunity and network to grow our business and adapt our solutions to address more industry needs. We look forward to equipping more travel providers with access to our database of airfare insights from the world’s largest reservation systems.”

Amy Burr

—Rick Seaney, CEO, 3Victors


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