Transforming CO2 into products for the future.


Originally known for creating the world’s first vodka made directly from carbon dioxide; AIR COMPANY uses air, water, and electricity to produce carbon-negative ethanol, methanol, and eventually—jet fuel. The company is becoming a leader in CO2 utilization as it works to slow the momentum of climate change and help commercial aviation and other industries become more sustainable through their AIRMADE™ SAF (sustainable aviation fuel).

“Aviation is a highly regulated industry, with strict technical requirements for the introduction of new products or processes. So the fact that Air Company’s co-founders have proven track records and immense knowledge of the technology and the business goes a long way. We’re looking forward to the day when you can fly on carbon-negative fuel with the option to enjoy a carbon-negative AIR Vodka martini; an Airtini.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“We’re proud to count JetBlue Ventures as a strategic investor. With their partnership, we’ve been able to work directly with JetBlue Airways to bring our sustainable aviation fuel product to market. As we continue to grow the output of our AIRMADE™ SAF, we are eager to advance the decarbonization of the aviation industry and beyond.”

Amy Burr

—Gregory Constantine, Co-Founder and CEO, AirCompany


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