The functionality of a mobile app with the convenience of an email.

Email is most often used to simply write, send, and receive messages. Yet the technology has the potential to become so much more for businesses looking to gain new customers. Enter AppMail. The company’s technology replaces static emails with dynamic and actionable functionalities including drop-down menus, hover over, purchasing capabilities, text input, and image carousels. The experience allows brands to capture information and decision-making data from their customers without requiring them to leave their inbox.

“Email has remained largely static since its invention, yet it still serves as an important channel for communication between brands and consumers. We invested in AppMail’s interactive email solution because it simplifies the user experience to provide a more seamless, end-to-end customer sales journey.”

Amy Burr

—Amy Wang, Operations Analyst, JetBlue Ventures

“Our goal is to help brands build interactive email experiences that drive high engagement and sales conversions. JetBlue Ventures has been instrumental in our startup’s growth by providing us with introductions to launch our product in the air travel industry. We’re proud to have JBV as a partner to share in our innovative vision.”

Amy Burr

— Duncan Sham, Co-Founder, AppMail


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