The future of airside operations.


Assaia is on a mission to use technology to optimize the aviation industry. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide airports and airlines with complete visibility of turnaround operations at the airport. Assaia gives airports and airlines control over turnaround operations, enabling them to predict issues and automate processes to make them more efficient. Assaia’s solutions create a safer, faster, and more sustainable ecosystem so passengers feel confident they are traveling safely and sustainably on time.

“Today, turnaround performance operations rely on manual data collection methods, which limit the insights available and increase the potential for human error in the data collected. Assaia’s product allows airports and airlines to collect, track, and analyze data in real time; this innovation removes inefficiencies and optimizes performance. We’re thrilled to be involved in Assaia’s continued growth!”

Amy Burr

— Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

Having JetBlue Ventures as a partner in our Strategic Partnership Program and as an investor is a hugely gratifying endorsement of what we’re doing. Together, we’re closing the final gap to ensure complete visibility of all aircraft turnaround operations to ensure maximum efficiency, on-time performance, and optimized sustainability for airlines and airports.

Amy Burr

— Max Diez, CEO, Assaia


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