Improving flight safety and operations. 


The aviation industry is ripe for technological disruption, particularly when it comes to flight operations. Beacon AI capitalizes on this emerging area of innovation through its artificial intelligence platform designed to increase flight safety and improve operational efficiencies. The company was founded in 2021 by a world-class team of experts with backgrounds in autonomous driving, aerospace, and military aviation. 

“Beacon AI’s technology will be a game-changer for safety and efficiency in aviation and could change the way airlines operate forever. We’re excited to partner with them in the early stages of their journey to help them get feedback and forge relationships in commercial aviation.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“We’re excited to kick off our journey with an expert team of founders and investors. JetBlue Ventures will be a huge asset to us going forward as we develop and test our product.” 

Amy Burr

—Matt Cox, Co-Founder, Beacon