A next-generation reservation and ticketing platform for ground travel and transport operators.

The ground travel industry is plagued by decades of underinvestment in technology. Many do not have an online experience and even fewer a mobile ticketing solution. Betterez is changing all of that. Founded in 2011 by Tal Shalit, Betterez has developed a cloud-based, end-to-end sales, operations, loyalty and back-office platform for ground travel operators. The platform allows them to better sell, serve and promote their ground transportation offerings through mobile-responsive websites, modern selling portals, online distributors, and eventually, via direct connections to airlines. The results? Ground travel operators can modernize their ticketing systems, grow business, and run operations more efficiently, which in turn helps customers have a more seamless end-to-end travel experience.

“Tal Shalit and his team have years of experience in the transportation industry, starting in aviation and moving into ground transportation, and we are impressed with their approach in bringing new technology to an old industry.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“JetBlue Ventures is an incredible strategic partner and the expertise and connections that they provide in the travel ecosystem are invaluable.”

Amy Burr

—Tal Shalit, CEO and Founder, Betterez


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