The all-in-one platform for building events.

With remote work and digital communications on the rise, virtual events are increasingly important acquisition and relationship-building tools for companies. However, today’s virtual event planning technology is antiquated, causing the planning process to be fragmented and time-consuming. Enter Bizly, the all-in-one meeting design platform for more effective team gatherings. Bizly interfaces with its customers’ existing videoconferencing tools to enhance virtual meetings with expert agendas, elevated attendee registration, post-meeting surveys, and comprehensive analytics to drive performance. The company is bringing event planning into the twenty-first century and helping to maximize the value of the work from home era.

“Our goal at Bizly is to deliver the easiest way to build impactful and powerful work events from start-to-finish. We’re excited and grateful to partner with JetBlue Ventures on this next stage of growth as we expand our reach and help more companies create events worth traveling for.”

Amy Burr

—Ron Shah, CEO and Founder, Bizly

“Our investment in Bizly is an investment in the “why” behind millions of events every year. Bizly’s streamlined, easy-to-use platform allows any user to create impactful, meaningful events that resonate with both event creators and attendees.”

Amy Burr

—Steve Taub, Managing Director Investments, JetBlue Ventures


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