Electric Power Systems

Advanced battery development technology.

The decarbonization of aviation is important now more than ever as global temperatures are on the rise. Alternative propulsion methods, such as electric power, are poised to soon make their debut in commercial airline operations–and Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) is the leader in bringing this initiative to life via its battery development technology. EP Systems’ modular, scalable solutions are application-agnostic; whether that be marine, industrial traction, automotive, or aerospace, EP Systems can power any application with clean, reliable energy. Its current customers include some of the top names in the industry, including Boeing, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Electric Power Systems will be a key provider of battery technology for new electric aircraft. Our investment allows JetBlue and its partners a seat at the table in this rapidly expanding sector.”

Amy Burr

—Ryan Chou, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“Electric Power Systems’ goal is to provide an entire battery ecosystem for aviation, from the packs on the aircraft to charging stations on the ground. JetBlue Ventures’ vote of confidence in our mission will only bolster our expansion opportunities within the travel industry.”

Amy Burr

—Nathan Millecam, President & CEO, Electric Power Systems


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