Producing unprecedented revenue uplift and forecast accuracy at major airlines

The commercial travel and transportation industries have long been plagued by outdated forecasting and pricing technologies. FLYR is working to solve this problem through its Cirrus Revenue Operating System™ that produces unprecedented revenue uplift and forecast accuracy at major airlines. FLYR’s product applies advanced AI and deep learning to unify commercial data, deliver ultra-accurate revenue and demand forecasts, and manage revenue-optimal pricing decisions in real-time. Founded in 2013 by veteran entrepreneurs Jean Tripier and Alexander Mans, FLYR provides its SaaS platform to leading airlines such as Air New Zealand to optimize and manage billions of dollars worth of product and revenue. 

“FLYR is using big data and machine learning to become a leading fintech player for travel. They’re developing great products for travelers while also providing enormous value to the travel companies, as well.”

Amy Burr

—Bonny Simi, Founder and Advisor, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“JTV recognized the potential of our technology long before it became obvious to others. With their support, we were able to forge partnerships in the industry and get the behind-the-scenes access needed to build a world-class product.”

Amy Burr

—Alex Mans, Founder and President, FLYR


Pandemic prompts airline revenue management shake-up

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