Harnessing the power of big data to
predict airfares and bring peace of mind to
price-sensitive travelers.
It’s a headache familiar to many travelers: You book a flight, only to find that ticket prices have dropped not long after your booking. Or perhaps you’d like to travel, but just can’t find affordable airfare. FLYR is working to solve both of these problems by harnessing big data and artificial intelligence to make exceptionally accurate airfare predictions at large scale. Using those predictions, FLYR builds innovative products that take the stress out of buying airline tickets. FLYR’s FareKeep product allows customers to be reimbursed when a fare drops after booking, while the company’s upcoming TripCash product lets consumers get better fares by optimizing ticketing. Founded in 2013 by veteran entrepreneurs Jean Tripier and Alexander Mans, FLYR has partnered with several major travel sites such as TripAdvisor to bring its products to consumers and revolutionize the way airline tickets are bought and sold.

“FLYR is using big data and machine learning to become a leading fintech player for travel. They’re developing great products for travelers while also providing enormous value to the travel companies, as well.”

Amy Burr

—Bonny Simi, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“It was very important for us to have a strong strategic partner within the airlines. In working with JetBlue Technology Ventures, we’ve not only been introduced to JetBlue as a customer, but many other of their partner airlines, which builds out a great customer pipeline for us. It’s been a great partnership.”

Amy Burr

—Jean Tripier, CEO, FLYR


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