Modern customer service platform
enables travelers to have personal,
continuous conversations across multiple
channels, seamlessly.
Technology has evolved the way that we communicate, and today, consumers expect to talk to companies the same way they talk to their friends, across multiple channels in one continuous conversation. Enter Gladly: a company reinventing customer service for the 21st century. Founded by an experienced team of veterans in the customer service space, Gladly provides businesses with the tools they need to give companies a comprehensive view of each customer and treat all interactions as one “conversation” including their prior calls, emails, text messages and even Facebook messages. Just like you don’t have to recap your last conversation every time you call a friend, customers will no longer need to summarize their previous experiences. Agents are already in the know and they’re empowered, through Gladly, to provide more personalized service than ever before.

“The Gladly team has a deep understanding of the customer service industry, and their people-centered approach empowers companies and helps to revolutionize the customer service experience.”

Amy Burr

—Bonny Simi, President, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“We are thrilled to count JetBlue as a customer and an investor. The strategic partnership with the JetBlue Technology Ventures team aligns our shared vision to reimagine what the future of customer service will look like.”

Amy Burr

—Joseph Ansanelli, CEO and Co-Founder, Gladly


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