A cloud-based digital fuel management platform.

Aviation fuel management is characterized by antiquated tools and manual processes, which often lead to expensive but common issues like over-fueling and aircraft delays. i6 is solving for this. Its cloud-based platform enables fuel suppliers, airports, into-plane agents and airlines to better plan, control, and monitor fueling operations. i6 covers the entire fuel supply chain from “refinery to wing-tip,” digitizing and optimizing processes across operations, communications, safety, accounting, and inventory management.

“i6’s mission is to become the global industry standard for aviation fuel management. Their adaptable and scalable platform is leading the way in process automation, digitization and analytics for the aviation industry while also being uniquely positioned to expand to adjacent markets like retail or utilities. With their impressive track record, we believe the company is at an inflection point for growth and we’re excited to partner with them on their journey.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“JetBlue Ventures’ investment lends further credibility to our technology’s potential to transform aviation fuel management and operations. We’re excited to be working with them as we continue to expand our product offering and footprint around the world.”

Amy Burr

—Steven Uhrmacher & Alex Mattos, Co-Founders, i6


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