Joby Aviation

Building a fully-electric vertical take-off and landing passenger aircraft.

More than a billion people spend over one hour a day in traffic. Transportation emissions are one of the largest sources of pollution. Streets, highways, bridges and tunnels are increasingly expensive to maintain and build. Joby Aviation aims to solve these problems by delivering safe and affordable air travel to everyone. Founded in 2009 Joby is developing an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that will quietly transport a pilot and four passengers up to 150 miles while producing zero operating emissions. The company’s aerial ridesharing service, which Joby intends to launch in 2024, will enable revolutionary ways for people to move in and around cities while reducing ground traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Joby went public in 2021. 

“JetBlue Ventures believes that the regional transportation ecosystem is ripe for disruption, and startups like Joby Aviation will revolutionize how people move across urban areas. Joby is the most advanced company in the emerging eVTOL sector, and its vehicle platform will be the standard to beat.”

Amy Burr

—Bonny Simi, Founder and Advisor, JetBlue Ventures

“People waste billions of hours sitting on roads worldwide each year. We envision a future where commuting by eVTOL is a safer, faster, and cost-competitive alternative to ground transportation. We have spent the last ten years developing the technologies that have made our full-scale technical demonstrator possible and are now ready to build a commercial version of the aircraft. We’re excited to have attracted the backing of JetBlue Ventures, a leader in the transportation sector.”

Amy Burr

—JoeBen Bevirt, CEO and Founder, Joby Aviation


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