The modern way to keep cities moving.

Streets are jammed with new forms of mobility—delivery services, rideshares, even drones. Lacuna helps cities make broader, better use of fixed public infrastructure. Its platform, built on open-source technology, enables cities to use data to anticipate demand, conduct the use of streets and curbs, and to adjust policy digitally, with insights that show what works best, and why. Lacuna is on a mission to join modern mobility with the public good.

“One of the things that is really compelling about Lacuna’s future is how it can help airports and urban air mobility companies figure out how to best navigate air traffic around large cities. This is a big trend that’s coming for our industry and Lacuna can be instrumental in helping manage that.”

Amy Burr

—Amy Burr, President, JetBlue Ventures

“Our objective is to give cities and airports the tools they need so that they can use their authority to make sure that the public is compliant with their policies. We’re proud to count JetBlue Ventures as an investor in our mission.”

Amy Burr

—Hugh Martin, CEO, Lacuna


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