A solution to predict, track, and manage flight delays for travelers and businesses alike. 

Flight disruptions cost organizations and passengers billions of dollars every year in inefficiencies, unanticipated travel expenses, and lost productivity. But, what if delays could be predicted months, weeks, or hours ahead of time? Lumo’s technology is doing just that. Founded in 2015 by CEO Bala Chandran and Chief Scientist Hamsa Balakrishnan, Lumo leverages machine learning to provide detailed insights on potential flight delays. For travelers, this means avoiding surprises and making well-informed trip decisions. For airlines, this means boosting efficiencies and managing traveler wellness. 

“We are constantly evaluating new technologies that will help enable a seamless customer journey, and there is huge value in being able to predict and manage flight delays. Bala and the team at Lumo are incredibly talented and passionate, and we’re excited to be early investors in their vision.”

Amy Burr

—Jim Lockheed, Investment Principal, JetBlue Ventures

“Lumo aims to help the entire travel ecosystem—passengers, airlines, travel management companies, technology providers, travel insurance companies—to proactively manage disruptions by allowing these groups to see disruptions before they happen. JetBlue Ventures adds to our fantastic team of investors so that we can continue building innovative products for a global audience.”

Amy Burr

—Bala Chandran, CEO and Co-Founder, Lumo


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