Predict The Future

Trusting your gut can be critical to decision-making. Node has explored that further by training computers to have the human sensation of a hunch to help business leaders make better decisions about the future. Node’s “Artificial Intuition” platform uses advanced deep learning to generate predictions and recommendations across sales, marketing, recruiting, partnerships, and more. Node is the first AI-as-a-service platform that enterprises can use to quickly and seamlessly build AI into both customer-facing and internal applications, democratizing the ability for all companies to turn data into smart decisions.

"Node is creating the first AI-powered personalized discovery engine to allow companies to better target and identify potential customers as well as receive key operational and performance insights. We’re excited about the potential of Node’s technology and look forward to partnering with the team as they scale their vision across industries"

Raj Singh, Managing Director of Investments at JetBlue Technology Ventures