Enabling a seamless, mobile-based solution for tours and activities bookings.

In today’s mobile-centric world, customers expect to book tours and activities with the click of a button. Enter Redeam: a startup improving the tours and activities sectors by enabling companies to offer a digital customer experience. Its solution helps operators sell more tickets, offers a seamless check-in process for guests, reduces fraud, and improves payment reconciliation. Through its technology, Redeam has enabled connections among hundreds of travel industry providers including JetBlue Vacations, Groupon, Expedia, and Walt Disney World.

“Redeam’s technology solves significant pain points within the tours and activities space. The company has the potential to transform and optimize the backend connectivity between the reseller and the provider, improving the process for both businesses and their customers.”

Raj Singh

—Steve Taub, Managing Director Investments, JetBlue Ventures

“JetBlue Ventures’ early investment in Redeam helped give our company the credibility startups often need. Since that time, Redeam has grown tremendously, forging significant relationships with big brands like Disney, Google, Caesar’s Entertainment, Groupon, and others. Redeam has hit an important inflection point in our stride, and JBV has played an instrumental role in helping us get there.”

Raj Singh

—Melanie Meador, CEO, Redeam


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