Shape Security

Fight fraud before it happens.
Automated bad actor attacks are growing quickly and consume revenue and bandwidth across all industries. Shape Security’s web-based technology is designed to proactively alert of and stop these types of bot attacks to protect web and mobile applications in real-time. This enables companies to reduce fraud losses, including charge-backs, unauthorized fund transfers and stolen loyalty points. JetBlue is a customer of Shape Security and the platform has proven to be an impactful partner for the airline’s online security system.

“The safety and security of our customers, in all aspects, is JetBlue’s top priority. Shape has proven to be a very impactful partner for us as we protect our customers online. We’re excited for JetBlue Technology Ventures’ investment to expand our relationship with Shape as we work together to improve our customers’ experience.”

Amy Burr

Eash Sundaram, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at JetBlue

“Our partnership with JetBlue Technology Ventures helps us tune our technology to the needs of the travel and hospitality industry. This reach helps us protect more consumers across some of the world’s top travel brands from cyberattacks.”

Amy Burr

Derek Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Shape Security


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