The leading market intelligence company for vacation rentals.

There are thousands of property managers, real estate investors, and online travel agencies that rely on accurate data to make informed decisions regarding the short-term rental industry. Enter Transparent. The startup builds and maintains a platform that aggregates data on vacation rental market conditions including prices, occupancy, and competition. Since its founding in 2016 by travel entrepreneurs Pierre Becerril, Nil Sanz and Drew Patterson, the company has collected millions of anonymized reservations and indexed more than 36 million listings globally to help thousands of users make sense of the rental industry.

“Given JetBlue’s interest in offering short-term rental options to its customers and the travel industry’s recent demand volatility, accurate data is imperative to making sound business decisions. Our investment in Transparent not only provides us with valuable insight in the short-term rental market, but also a partnership with one of the leading startups in the vacation rentals space.”

Amy Burr

—Ryan Chou, Investment Principal, JetBlue Technology Ventures

“1 in every 3 beds available to travelers in the US are hosted in a vacation rental as opposed to a traditional hotel. As travelers’ appetite for this type of accommodation grows, there is a need for business intelligence tools to help market participants make informed decisions on pricing, investment and strategy. JTV´s interest in our company is a reaffirmation of the vacation rental industry having moved out of the shadow of the hotel sector to emerge as a major player in the travel and hospitality ecosystem in its own right,”

Amy Burr

—Pierre Becerril, Co-Founder and CEO, Transparent

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