Regional travel is ripe for reinvention. Options for journeys up to a thousand miles are far from ideal, limited to slow travel on the ground and air service consolidating to large hubs. As a result, door-to-door times have not improved for decades, and the only alternative, high-speed rail, is limited by heavy capital needs for a few dense corridors. Zunum Aero aims to change that. Founded in 2013 by tech industry veteran Ashish Kumar and aerospace engineer Matt Knapp, the company is developing a family of commercial hybrid-to-electric aircraft for regional air service. Zunum aircraft are designed to light up thousands of regional airports that are largely unused today, bringing high-speed travel to every community. Travelers will depart from nearby airports to fly closer to their destinations, bypassing large hubs to get door-to-door anywhere from two to four times faster than today. And lower costs, combined with much lower emissions and noise, will make regional travel far more affordable, more comfortable and kinder to the environment.